Audio Accessories

Quality sound systems and accessories for live events, multi-microphone presentations, conferences and exhibitions.

Dynamic Vocal Mic
Dynamic Instrument Mic
Drum Mic Kit
Condenser Mic
Boundary Mic
Radio Mic
4 Way Radio Mic
8 Way Radio Mic
Push To Talk Mic
Power Amps
40w Domestic Power Amp
1000w Power Amp
3200w Power Amp
600w 110v Line Amp
Audio Accessories
Push to Talk Controller
MP3 Recorder
Portable MP3 Recorder
CD Player
CD Recorder
Balanced Audio D/A
DI Box
Induction Loop
PC Sound Kit
2 x 31 Band EQ
Telephone Line Balance Unit
2 Way Radio
6 Way Crew Comms
4 Way Wireless Crew Comms
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